Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket Special - 10% Off!

In the market for a school Varsity Jacket? Special-T has you covered. Customize the jacket to your exact specifications, and we will handle the embroidery. The best part is, we take 10 percent off the retail price.

How to Order

  1. Visit the Holloway Configurator Tool.

  2. Customize your jacket any way you like.

  3. Contact us with the Pin and Reference number you receive upon completion.

That's it! Once we have your Pin and reference number we can get your order placed with a 10% discount of the retail price.

Pro Tips

Not sure of your size? We have blank jackets on-site in a variety of sizes for you to try on. Visit us at 400 W. McCreight Ave, Springfield Ohio 45504.

Because jackets are custom made - all sales are final.

Jackets typically take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Embroidery costs are additional, and can be arranged once jacket has been delivered.